Hardscape Landscape

Established landscape companies are capable of implementing Hardscape designs. This design category focuses on stunning arrangements that significantly enhance a corporate landscape or residential home. Hardscape renovations represent the implementation of functional elements like sidewalks; stone walkways; sidewalks; decorative walls; stone patios and more. Hardscape landscapes reflect a desire for functional style and bold presentation.

Landscape Renovations

When people or organizations are in need of landscape renovation services; it usually stems from a tightly budgeted project which can include the following tasks: overhaul of a landscape setting; investment property acquisition; new construction; and more. Professional landscape services are valuable resources for the commercial and residential sector. Outdoor renovations increase property values and promote aesthetic beauty.

Landscape Lighting Arrangements

Professionally installed lighting is a tremendous addition to commercial and residential properties. Light fixtures and accessories illuminate landscapes at night, and serve as functional devices for visibility and safety. Businesses and residential customers benefit in many ways from having strategically placed lighting on their property.

Irrigation Installation And Routine Maintenance

Irrigation InstallationGardens present a diverse arrangement of plants, trees, grass and landscape components that require sufficient maintenance and functional irrigation systems. Experienced, reputable landscape companies in Long Island demonstrate an advanced ability to correctly install quality irrigation systems.

These companies generally offer on-going maintenance plans to ensure sprinkler systems remain operational year-round.

Tree Relocation Services

Established landscape companies have the expertise and equipment to safely relocate trees across any distance. Regardless of whether the tree is your prized possession or a new addition, licensed landscapers understand the importance of transporting large items with care.

Things To Look For In A Landscape Company In Long Island

When customers are in the process of searching for a reliable and creative landscape company, it is important to select one that has a proven track record of engaging with customers and meeting their needs. Professional landscapers should always conduct a walk-thru with customers and supply a comprehensive quote; detailed plan of action; legible blueprints; and a clear explanation of key concepts before embarking on landscape projects of any size.

Quality service providers always make it a priority to arrive on job sites on time. After a job is complete, they meticulously clean up after themselves and leave a work site pristine. Reliable landscape companies are employed by trained staff, experienced project managers, and supervisors capable of overseeing time-sensitive projects. Professional landscape companies always provide a list of verifiable references and have a solid reputation of quality work.